Rustic Wedding On A Budget

Almost every girl dreams about her big day from the time she is young; where she will plan the location, what month, what colors, who will be the lucky guy? And when that day finally comes nothing should be off limits, despite what the financial status may be. Below are some fun, DIY ways to make your special day everything you want it and more, while saving a few dollars for the honeymoon.

Chalkboard Runner

Choosing an aisle runner can be a hard task for any bride and groom. Using black chalkboard paper and chalk to write a personalized message is a great alternative to a traditional aisle. It allows an even more intimate feel to your wedding.


A focal point at the end of the aisle is a must on your wedding day. Using a one-of-a-kind piece such as a vintage, buffet covered in a vibrant-colored floral arrangement is an easy and budget friendly way to customize a DIY autumn wedding.

Chair Ties

Personalized “Mr. and Mrs.” chair ties are a cute, easy and inexpensive. If you choose an accent color that pops and will match your theme, it will tie everything together.

Rustic Beverage Sign

 A wedding bar takes on a new life with a DIY rustic sign made of wood planks, painted with chalkboard paint and labeled with your favorite beverages. A beverage sign is a simple and stylish way to let guests know what drinks they can choose.

Vintage Book Table Numbers

Using vintage books with a bold romantic text to create custom table numbers for a centerpiece will inspire and impress every guest. Textures and colors are key! Choose books with warm autumnal hues and a worn-in look to match the theme. Finish it off with gold metallic ink for a little extra glimmer. Click here for instructions!


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