Unique Wedding & Reception Ideas

We can all agree that most people love anything unique and unexpected! Every wedding is looking for that “ah ha” moment, the moment when everyone there says “WOW, that is awesome!” So here are some ideas! Have an artist paint your wedding ceremony. It is a very intimate way to capture your special day, it is a great conversation piece, and will look awesome hanging in your living-room for years to come. One fun idea is to create an anniversary pinata, instead of an ordinary guest book. I attended a wedding last year and the bride and groom had each guest leave an inspirational quote, a piece of advice, or even a joke in the pinata. They both vowed to not open it until their one year anniversary. I cannot wait to steal that idea for my big day! Another fun idea that I also encountered at the same wedding, was the bride had everyone of her bridesmaids take a picture of her at once from all different angles. It was funny and brighten the mood for all. I mean, who said there was such a thing as a good side?
I found this idea on the internet and just had to share! Give your groom a gift a few days before the wedding, and what more of perfect gift then socks.. socks that say, “in case you get cold feet.” Since the famous question that is asked is, “do you have cold feet?” This is a cute way to lighten nerves and remind yourself that life does not always need to be so serious.


Another fun, unique piece to add to your reception is a full size Price is Right Wheel! This would be so awesome and can give your guests an even more enjoyable experience at the reception. An idea would be to write different things like “give you date a smooch” or “show us your best dance moves.” This is a great way to get your guests involved and to break the ice. I know I do not even want chairs on my reception… I want everyone on that dance floor!

And last, but certainly not least, give your guests a “hangover kit.” I know my wedding reception will most likely be on the wild side, as I said before I want everyone up and dancing, so I’m sure alcohol will be involved. Now with that being said, I know you don’t need alcohol to have fun, but it does help, especially with the dancing portion. So to help you guests recover from their night out, fill a bag with a water bottle, Advil or Ibuprofen, and McDonald’s coupons.


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