Fall Bachelorette Parties

Despite popular belief, the fall offers a lot of fun bachelorette party ideas that can be unique and inexpensive. With great weather, gorgeous fall foliage, and one of the most fun holidays of the year, it might just be the best season of the year for getting your bachelorette crew together! Some ideas can include:

Apple Picking

Enjoy the crisp fall weather while apple picking with your closest friends at a nearby apple orchard. Pack a picnic, or look for a farm that also serves food and at night, you can use some of your freshly picked apples to make fall-themed cocktails.

Pumpkin Carving

Who said pumpkin carving had to be boring? Use colorful paint and sparkling glitter for a girly DIY project for the group. pumpkin_carving_party_invitations-r27d9edf17f2c4ee189b3d8e8b240a9c9_zk9yi_324

Take a Hike 

Take you and the girls out for a nice, relaxing hike to view the fall foliage. If the bride has an outdoorsy side, plan a girls’ getaway to a state or national park. You can spend the days hiking and taking in the scenery. Try camping if your group loves to rough it, or look for hotels located right outside the parks for a more upscale weekend getaway.

I hope these ideas help you and your bridal party have a fun, but nice relaxing time at your bachelorette party.



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