Fall Wedding Color Palettes

When it comes to choosing colors for you fall wedding, look no further than the fruit of the season. There are trees filled with apples and pumpkin patches all around. Mixing these colors with bold liens, colored glassware, and seasonal florals will make your reception look great! Another great color scheme, is the natural hues of the forest, using colors like yellow, green and cocoa to make the perfect combination for a fall wedding.

Planning a romantic, rustic wedding can be easy when you use colors like bright red, burgundy, sage green, and pale pink. These colors will be a wonderful complement to wood elements, whether it be a farm table, DIY bar, or ceremony arch.

As mentioned earlier, jewel tones are always a go when it comes to an autumn wedding. Rich hues of teal, bold orange, raspberry, and dark red will add a very romantic feel to your wedding day.

Nature is also a great fall wedding theme, since the two go hand in hand, so if you are thinking about having a more naturalistic vibe for your wedding day, colors like amber and deep sage are for you.

Photos By: Pinterest 


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