Fall Wedding Themes

Choosing a theme for your fall wedding can be difficult because when it comes to deciding, there are so many creative choices to pick from. I narrowed down a few themes to pick from, ranging from are Back-to-School, Fall Leaves, Halloween, Jewel Tone, and Harvest. This round-up will help you decorate your own autumn tables, center pieces, and give you basic wedding fun themed ideas.


A perfect theme for a September wedding, is back-to-school! I’m not sure if its because people love the charming feel, the apples, or just wanting to go back and experience the the first day of school again, but either way it gives a very nostalgic feel to the day.


Fall Leaves 

Autumn leaves is one of the most popular wedding themes due to the fact that majority of people live in an area that experiences the beautiful and vibrant leaves changing colors during the change of season. It is not only a very cute, cozy theme, but can also be a very eco-friendly root.



How can you have a Fall themed wedding and forget about Halloween?! You can’t! Without a doubt Halloween is a favorite theme for October weddings and this is because it can be very easy and can be inexpensive, without looking completely gory and cheap. All black weddings with a hint of red can be gorgeous and very glamorous.


Jewel Tone

Deep jewel tones like amber, emerald, sapphire, and garnet can create the most elegant autumn feel. You can layer colors to create a rich and sumptuous atmosphere. Colored glass is a really simple way to make sure your jewel tones stand out.



A harvest wedding theme can be a great way to incorporate all things fall. There are so many different varieties and textures you can use. Pumpkins are usually a favorite and the most popular center piece for a harvest themed wedding.


Photos By: Pinterest


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